Posted by: Michelle Mitton | May 13, 2008

Show Them the Back Door: By Guest Poster Meredith from "Like Merchant Ships"

Today I’m welcoming guest poster Meredith from Like Merchant Ships whose wonderful blog is full of helpful tips and support for frugal, economic living. We’re swapping blogs for the day: she’s posting here and I’m over at her place posting my own thoughts about creative frugal living . . . come on by and say hi!


Nothing makes me want to splurge more than spring nurseries full of gorgeous green plants! Luckily, it doesn’t cost much to spruce up the back door using things we already own.

Spring Decorating Our back entrance looks so cold and sterile without color. (Speaking of which, why haven’t I painted these doors yet?)

This fall, I budgeted half an hour for a fast-and-dirty transformation. I bought two mums ($8 total), washed the doormats, swept, and consolidated the half-dead plants from around the house.

Spring Decorating I moved the cherry tomato from the yard so it could anchor the group of smaller pots. I also angled the grill to break up the straight line of the house.

Spring Decorating I consolidated the outdoor toys in two Chippendale planters. Unlike the old plastic tub, these have holes to drain the rainwater.

Spring Decorating I used two “free from the trash” chairs for color. Eventually, I’d like to find a wooden bistro set for this spot.

Spring Decorating The spindly potted plants are much improved after grouping them together and adding a bright mum to the mix. Now, to find a can of paint for those doors!

What do you do to make your back door inviting as the seasons change?


I haven’t got a winner for this weekend’s giveaway yet, I’ll post a little later when I’ve got it firmed up.

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