Posted by: Michelle Mitton | June 4, 2008

A Six-Sided Wooden Block Puzzle

Wooden Block Puzzle Craft for KidsContinuing with summer activities and crafts for kids, today’s idea is strictly a cut-and-paste project but the results are so fun. Lillian and I did this this week and even Spencer thought it turned out rather cool.

First, you’ll need a set of square wooden blocks such as you’d find in a craft store for a dollar or two. I used a dozen of 1-inch square blocks.

Wooden Block Puzzle Craft for KidsNext, choose six pictures either from magazines, coloring books, hand-colored pictures or photographs. Grouping the blocks tightly together trace the outline of the set onto each picture then cut out the outline like you see in the picture to the left.

Use a cotton swab to rub some Elmer’s glue on one face of each block then group them back together and lay the whole picture onto the tops of the blocks, pressing firmly to adhere the picture.

Wooden Block Puzzle Craft for KidsOnce the glue is set (it doesn’t have to be completely dry but it shouldn’t slip around or allow the picture to rip) run a razor blade down along the edges where the blocks meet to separate the blocks, turn each block to a new face and repeat the whole process with another picture until you’ve got all six sides of the blocks covered.

You’ll have a fun little puzzle that even small kids can enjoy. You can put it in a little baggie and stick it in the car to keep them quiet on the road–with six sides it’s not too easy but not too hard.


And finally this may be a day late but Raquel from Amherst, New Hampshire and Janice from an unnamed location were the final winners for last Saturday’s giveaway. Thanks for entering, I hope you love your stuff!

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