Posted by: Michelle Mitton | June 10, 2008

I’ve Been Waiting So Long for This Day

Mismatched SocksShe says it’s the way kids are wearing their socks now–in fact she was complimented on this very combination by a friend who said it was (and I quote) “Very cool.” I say it’s brilliant.

I’ll never have to worry about orphaned socks again–that pile of mystery socks in my laundry room is now haute couteur. Break out the champagne and move over Vera Wang!


And here are a couple other things I’ve wanted to mention:

  • If you remember the TasteBook giveaway I did a week ago I said that I’d be making my own Scribbit TasteBook available soon. Well it’s here, I’ve got my own little button on the sidebar which takes you to this page at TasteBook where you can buy a hardbound copy of 100 Scribbit recipes for $34.95. I think I might have to pick up my own copy–it could be the closest thing I ever get to having my own book published.
  • Also, if you’ll notice farther up on my sidebar I have a graphic button where you can enter to win a Caribbean Cruise for two complete with airfare to Miami (or forget looking for a babysitter, just take the cash and run). It’s being hosted by Stephanie of Metropolitan Mama and Protect-a-Bed and besides the cruise there are other monthly prizes to be had. Deadline for entering is September 1st, but what’s to lose? The entry page is here, go and give it a whack and see if you get lucky. Protect-a-Bed is sending me some of their products for review and I’ll be taking a look at them next month then giving some away to you good folks.
  • If you’re looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift I would venture to suggest that if your Dad is into sports he’d probably like a photo from Gold Medal Impressions, limited edition photographs by sports photographer Dick Drukman. My boys spent a good half-hour yesterday looking through the photos on his site, comparing stats on the players and longing for the pictures. I’m not into sports at all but even a cretin such as I can appreciate a picture of Patrik Elias levitating above the ice as he swipes the puck into the net. Really an amazing shot.
  • I get questions periodically about blog design–if you’re using the Blogger platform (as I am) and wonder what kind of designs are available out there then pay a visit to Blogger Buster who lists her 50 favorite Blogger blog designs. It will get your creative juices flowing and will give you a glimpse of where you could take your own blog canvas.
  • Skip to My Lou has a summer reading program going where children can improve their minds and help those in need. It’s worth checking out!
  • Chocolate on My Cranium and My Spare Time both have fun aprons to make–a good summer project I’ve got bookmarked.
  • Shelterrific has a good round up of summer links for your viewing pleasure.
  • has a list of rainy day toddler activities if you happen to have rain. And toddlers.

Congratulations to Becky (please please check your email–I haven’t heard back from you yet!) for winning the Calisto Pro Series Home Phone System from Plantronics, that’s one sweet phone system. Even my Dad sneaked in an entry then lightly chastised me for giving away such a great prize—because that’s going to give him an edge in the drawing, right? So sorry Dad.

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