Posted by: Michelle Mitton | June 18, 2008

Tin Can Make-a-Face

Tin Can Make-a-FaceIf you’re going on the road this summer this idea may appeal to you for keeping kids entertained in the car.

Take a plain aluminum can–whatever size you’d like–and use it as a modern Mr. Potato Head by making little features from felt or foamy sheets backed with adhesive magnetic strips. The features stick to the can and can be stored inside the can if you have a lid to fit. I covered my can with white Contact paper to cover the writing but you could just rip off the label and leave him with a silver face if you want.

Is there any more to say? Nope, I think you can take it from here.


Oh, and today is the last day of this month’s Write-Away Contest–entries can be accepted until midnight!

And one other thing: for some reason I’ve had two reports that Bloglines has gone crazy with my post feeds for some readers and hasn’t updated my feed since the beginning of June. If you’ve had this problem (and if you have please let me know I’d like to know how widespread it is) apparently resubscribing to my feed solves the problem. So sorry for the inconvenience, who knows the mind of the internet?

Sponsored by: Emerson Creek Pottery–Handcrafted American Pottery since 1977

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