Posted by: Michelle Mitton | June 20, 2008

Camel Spiders Are Not for the Faint of Heart

This is completely out there and the last time I checked this blog wasn’t really about spiders–not so much–but our household was engrossed for more than a few minutes looking at these bad boys: camel spiders.

They’re not really spiders (as if that matters at all) but can run 10 miles per hour and pretty much aren’t scared of anything. Check out how this guy’s body squirms like he’s into yoga or something. I think they also wield light sabers as an added defense mechanism.

Apparently there’s a myth going around (and I didn’t make this up) that they run 30 miles an hour, screaming as they chase their prey and their bite is numbing so you can’t feel it when they begin to eat you piece by piece as you sleep. Pretty. Though I don’t think that anything made up could be as scary as real life–kind of makes you question any belief you might have had in “Intelligent” Design doesn’t it?

Camel spiders (that aren’t spiders and aren’t camels) live in the desert and I’ll tell you if you weren’t already praying for the troops in Iraq this’ll get you started–if given the choice between facing down Al Quaida and a bunch of camel spiders I think I’d take my chances with the guys in the turbans.

One more reason I’m glad I live in the land of permafrost.

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