Posted by: Michelle Mitton | June 27, 2008

Whip it Good with a Duct Tape Bull Whip

David's Duct Tape Bull WhipI have to confess that this summer I’ve been completely unorganized. I’ve forgotten important dates, unintentionally flaked on various responsibilities, let things go and generally slacked off–I haven’t really meant too, it’s just that the kids and I have been having quite a bit of fun and I’m not doing much else. Sometimes I like being the lazy fun mom you know?

We’ve been doing all sorts of activities and projects and this latest was the result of a lazy Thursday morning: Duct Tape Bull Whips.

We put two folding chairs 12 feet apart then rolled out three lengths of duct tape between them, securing the tape to the tops of the chairs in parallel strips. We ran our hands down the strips, folding them over lengthwise then braided the three strips into a long whip. Once it’s braided, we took a wooden dowl, wrapped the ends of the braid around it and wrapped the wooden dowl with duct tape to be a handle. Then we braided three 8-inch pieces of nylon cording halfway together, knotting it at both ends then taping it to the tip of the whip to serve as a snapper. It works I tell you!

David's Duct Tape Bull WhipHighly successful and completely thrilling.

Do you think Indiana Jones’ mother was caught saying, “Now make sure you wear your glasses when you play with your whip and make sure you’re at least ten feet from everyone around you when you snap it! Ten feet–do you hear me??

David practiced all afternoon with it, setting up Lillian’s Fashion Pollys on the front steps then snapping them into oblivion. Check out the flying hair action of the figure on the left–that doll’s a gonner.

Boy was it fun–though now that David has mastered the art of cracking his whip he’s determined to learn how to swing across ravines by whipping his bull whip securely around branches above his head and swinging to safety. He’s practicing with the basketball hoop. He tries to whip it around the rim but so far no success in that “swinging to safety on the other side” move. Maybe he needs a fedora.

Special acknowledgments go to Skip to My Lou for this duct tape brilliance, she has detailed pictures about how to do this should you have a budding archeologist adventurer around your house. Or maybe you just want a really cool bull whip, who knows?


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