Posted by: Michelle Mitton | July 1, 2008

Comics Constructor at Taco Bell by Maxx

Comics Constructor at Taco Bell by MaxxI should preface this by saying we don’t do a lot of fast food around here and when we do I never buy “happy meals” or that kind of thing–the kids always want the toys but play with them for all of 23 seconds before either a) leaving it to rot in my car or b) leaving it to rot in the restaurant play park.

But the boys had coupons for some free kid meals at Taco Bell that they got through the library reading program and when they cashed them in last week they came home with the coolest happy meal toy ever–Comic Constructor.

It’s a CD that isn’t a game it’s an interactive program where they can make up their own comic book pages and they completely love it. There are four discs in the series, Neptune Quest, Amazon Raiders, Hero Adventures and Super Snoopers and my boys have used them to create a gripping adventure about Cheeko that has held them spellbound for at least 78 hours. Last I heard the screenplay was greenlighted and it’s set to star Russell Crowe as the titular hero, hitting theaters in last 2009. We’ll keep you posted.

I love that it’s not a video game and love that it’s something they’ll actually use and keep–if you want your own disc I hear they sell them for $1 each at Taco Bell though the deal ended yesterday. You might be able to find extras though if you act fast.

Snooping around about it today I discovered a couple other places that have comic book programs online that you might find fun:

They’re fun though I like the themes and look of the one we got at Taco Bell. Anyway, something to think about as you’re struggling with ideas for summer fun.

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