Posted by: Michelle Mitton | July 2, 2008

Nail Driving Contests

Nail Driving ContestsThis is so simple please don’t think I’m flaking on you here but sometimes simple can be brilliant.

If you’re looking for a good party activity for kids (with supervision of course) or just a way to burn off energy on a summer day get out some logs or scrap lumber and let the kids go at it with a hammer and a bunch of huge nails.

We did this for an family Independence Day picnic activity. We brought half a dozen hammers, a bunch of giant nails and a rail road tie we’d found (behind the shed, not on the train tracks–that would be bad) and all the grand kids had fun seeing if they could drive a nail as fast as Great Grandpa. If you’ll allow me to brag, my Grandfather was a carpenter and he has these huge muscular hands–his wedding ring is about the size of a studded snow tire–and I remember when he helped to build my parents house he could drive an 8-penny nail up to the head with one whack thank you very much. Take that John Henry.

With a bunch of kids, nails and hammers you’d think it might be a safety hazard but with a little bit of supervision they handled it well and had a great time–no smashed fingers and no gouged eyes were encountered–even the adults took a turn at the competition and if my memory serves I was able to hold my own fairly well in the group.

* Note: it works better with bigger pieces of wood. A heavy, solid piece that doesn’t jump around doesn’t tempt little fingers to get in the way of a swinging hammer as much as a board that won’t sit still when you whack it. Just a thought.

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