Posted by: Michelle Mitton | July 4, 2008

I Love My Raclette

Hamilton Beach RacletteLast fall I wrote about my desire for a raclette and Andrew did not disappoint. Sure enough on Christmas morning I unwrapped my very own Hamilton Beach raclette (he follows those hints so well doesn’t he? Clicks on the links like a pro!)

We’ve had so much fun with it since then I’ve got to mention it again with a follow-up because raclette has become the number one most requested meal around here.

Since I got it for Christmas we decided to have a New Year’s Eve party where we could try it out with six friends but I have to say Andrew was skeptical–he was basically humoring me.

But we had a terrific time, it was a huge hit and got top grades from everyone. We had enough left over for more the next night with the kids and they all voted it the Greatest Meal Ever. EVER. And remember folks, that’s beating out some pret-ty tough competition when it comes to fast food and burgers and pizza.

So now if anyone has a birthday and I ask them what they want? It’s raclette every time and I really like it because what could be easier than slicing cheese and bread? Even I can handle that.


Here’s a few extra links for your pleasure this happy Independence Day (are you feeling particularly independent? Hope so!)

* Here’s a video for making an eco-friendly birdhouse from chopsticks. So when you have Asian birds visiting in the neighborhood they can feel right at home.

* Here’s a pattern for the cutest-ever Peep-Toe-Tie-On-Slippers. Love ’em.

* Do you want to be a more productive blogger with those 24 hours you have? Problogger’s post on Batch Processing is excellent, I use the same techniques myself I just didn’t know they had a snappy name.

* Angry Chicken shows how to use Starbursts to decorate cakes–genius is the only word to cover it.

* Happy 4th of July with these patriotic drinks from Chocolate on My Cranium–if you were too late to make them today there’s always Bastille Day in ten days . . .

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