Posted by: Michelle Mitton | July 16, 2008

Enough Is Enough. I’m Moving to Sitka

Sitka, AlaskaSitka is a town in southeastern Alaska and I’m posting a picture of Andrew’s recent trip there out of sheer spite. Jealousy, irritation, frustration, whatever you want to call it it’s starting to rear it’s ugly head because our summer weather has stunk. We’ve had nothing but clouds and rain and gray and drizzle since April, with the exception of two days where we actually had sun the whole day–but still it hasn’t reached 75. In my book it’s not legitimate summer weather until you at least give me 75. It’s in the contract or something. I haven’t had to water the grass because it’s been so damp and gray. Do you all know how you’re killing me with your sunshiny vacation photos and running through the sprinkler? Do you??

So Andrew came back from Sitka, possibly the rainest, dampest part of the entire state, with pictures of sunny harbors. It was beautiful the whole week he was there while I sat here picking the moss out of my toes. I’m getting bitter I tell you.

The kids think it’s my fault and have griped that I won’t let them run through the sprinkler and that I’ve been really mean this summer. I tried to explain that it isn’t me it’s the fact that one dash into the water and they’d be victims of hypothermia but they’d prefer to blame it on me. I can understand that, I’ve been patiently waiting for things to improve and now I’m starting to get ugly about the whole situation. I’d like to have someone to blame for it myself. Where’s global warming when you need it??

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