Posted by: Michelle Mitton | July 16, 2008

Tiny, Insignificant Second Post

I’m leaving tonight for BlogHer (I hate to mention it because I remember how painful it was to hear about last year when I wanted to go but couldn’t but there’s a purpose here in mentioning this so be strong . . . ) I’ll be speaking Friday morning on a panel with three blogging experts: Nelly Yusupova, Shazia Mistry and Melanie Nelson about beginning blogging issues. Specifically, I’ll be fielding the Blogger group while the others tackle issues in other blogging platforms and as Melanie said in her post today I’m having a hard time preparing for this because it’s dependent on what questions people are likely to ask.

So all you Blogger bloggers out there–help me out! What kinds of questions do you have about blogging?

And can I mention that I’m an absolute ball of nerves right now? I have been sick to my stomach with worry for a week which is odd because I’ve done plenty of public speaking and teaching and I expect I’ll survive this as well but something about traveling by myself, meeting up with strangers who aren’t strangers and traveling all night (I can’t sleep on planes) then being expected to be witty and perky for camera and company is making me very nervous.

Thank goodness for great roomates like Loralee, Amber and Jill who will be the highlight of the trip. Loralee could make anyone feel at home. Let’s hope I don’t snore . . .

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