Posted by: Michelle Mitton | July 29, 2008

The Dark Knight

The Dark KnightIf you’ve hung around here you’ve probably rolled your eyes at my OCD when it comes to posting. Every day without fail, usually writing things up a couple weeks in advance, but that just hasn’t been the case lately. My kids are home for the summer and somehow life just has me busy with other things and all day long while I’ve been mowing two weeks worth of wet grass, pruning my roses, folding clean socks and underwear and making Pillsbury muffins in the Easy Bake Oven with Lillian I’ve been thinking “I really should get something written . . .

So knowing me you might expect some crafty treat or tidbit on blogging or scenic view of Alaska but what do I do instead? I go to a movie with Andrew. Two weeks of not seeing my man and I ditched the computer to go snuggle at a movie with him.

Bad choice of movie if I was looking for some action because we went to see the movie that I almost ditched BlogHer for: The Dark Knight and I’m going to say right here, first time in print: IT WAS AWESOME! Yes, AWESOME. Two and a half whopping hours of YEA!

Prediction? Heath Ledger will get a posthumous Oscar nomination for a Joker that is so evil, so vile, so terrifying that he makes a dinner party with Osama bin Laden, Charles Manson and Adolf Hitler feel cozy. He did crazy-bad better than anyone you can imagine—even better than Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Mission Impossible III which up until now was my reigning Insane Bad Guy.

It’s the most disturbing movie I’ve seen in a long time, much worse than Gladiator (which even though I saw it edited on television bothered me. Don’t give me children suffering, I cannot take it) please don’t take the kids to this one, but for being as violent a movie as it was there wasn’t on-screen violence the way I was expecting. Of course those hands in front of my eyes and fat ol’ eyelids squeezed tight over my eyeballs might have prevented some of the action from getting through but a scene would build and build and you were ready to wet your pants knowing how much scary stuff was coming but then they’d merely terrify you without showing you gore and guts.

But the body count by the end is something like 4,568—lots of shooting and blowing people up and children in danger—that I’m not going to let my boys see it, not until they’re much older, though I’d probably let Grace (age 14) see it if she wanted to. The statements the film makes about human nature, temptation, inner demons, the desire to do good and human frailty makes it deeper than your typical superhero movie and I have to say that the parallels it draws between our world and Gotham just add to the effect. The Joker is the terrorists, the child-snatchers, the political corruption, the pornography, the end of the world, all the dangers that are thrown at us that create that state of paralyzing fear and chaos and while he laughs at his victims you can’t help but feel the application and intimacy of the metaphor.

It’s not a predictable movie—while I loved Iron Man it was so easy to see exactly where each character was headed and what would eventually play out it was like watching Brittney and Kevin Federline going through marital problems. Didn’t see that coming did you? Though I wouldn’t say it’s unpredictable. The movie takes the characters in interesting developments but you don’t get things flying at you out of nowhere that don’t belong.

Every part is played so well and the cast is so talented that I’ll have to restrain myself from oozing over it too much—Gary Oldman as Chief Commissioner Gordon, Michael Caine as Alfred, Maggie Gyllenhal as Rachael Dawes or Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox are all perfect for their roles. There are the stunts and gadgets that you’d demand in the sequel to Batman Begins and it has the right blend of setting itself up for a sequel while tying up the loose ends.

And the best thing? I even got a preview for Quantum of Solace, the new Bond movie coming out November 7th as an added bonus for slacking in my duties and running off to the movies. Nothing says “Calgon take me away” like a bit o’ Blond Bond.

I’ll write something for real tomorrow. I’m almost 60% sure I will.


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