Posted by: Michelle Mitton | July 30, 2008

Alaskan Strawberries. Finally.

Alaskan StrawberriesI’m not sure which is more incredible–the large bowl of strawberries I picked from my garden yesterday or the sunshine you see all around. This summer is working to be the coldest in Anchorage history with fewer days below 65 than any previously recorded year and yesterday was the first day I remember waking up to sunshine since May. Funny how a little sunshine makes everything better.

Needless to say it’s played havoc with my garden and my strawberries are only just coming on though despite this I think I’m going to plant another strawberry bed in the back yard (away from the moose) because my strawberries have done so well–even these guys.

Mutant Alaskan Strawberries
Here are the ones that win the day’s Mutant Alaskan Strawberry prize–I suppose that’s what I get for dumping that radioactive waste into the compost pile.

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