Posted by: Michelle Mitton | August 6, 2008

No Wonder They Give Me the Willies

Alaskan DragonfliesDragonflies that is, not my children–and is it any wonder they give me the willies with those gigantor wings and those big GOOGLY eyes staring me down? David kept this one for a few minutes before letting it go on the deck right in front of me. It must have sensed my fear because as soon as it was released it came straight for me and I had to slam the screen door lickity quick or I’d have been a goner–yet another victim falling prey to the evil dragonfly.

It sat there on the screen door–WAITING FOR ME–for a full hour and a half before deciding that I wasn’t stupid enough to open the door. Dragonflies in AlaskaUp at Camp Carlquist outside of Anchorage there’s a little house that must be Dragonfly Heaven or something because when I was up there there were thousands and thousands of dragonflies all over the outside, sitting perfectly still in the sunlight, even covering the decking and steps and handrails.

It was like some Hitchcockian nightmare I tell you and I backed away very carefully. I had visions of them all coming after me at once and all anyone would ever find would be my empty shoes and blood-stained clothing standing as a testament to the blood lust of the ugly creatures.

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