Posted by: Michelle Mitton | August 12, 2008

How to Make a Fine Batch of Jam

I’ve mentioned our abundance of strawberries (and rhubarb) and the jam is flowing here folks. I’ve made enough batches this month that I thought I might as well tape it for anyone who needs to be convinced how extremely easy it is. Because of the high sugar content the jars seal by themselves and don’t require processing in a water bath or pressure cooker. It’s just a matter of carefully following the recipe that comes with the purchased pectin and filling up the jars.

Oh, and if I can get in another plug for making your own jam, the homemade stuff is so far superior to anything you can buy at the store that the 20 minutes it takes to throw a batch together is a small price to pay for the way your mouth will rejoice. Easy, tasty, frugal, healthy and eco-friendly to produce your own fruit and then preserve it. I just don’t see a down side.

Now despite my efforts to the contrary you’re going to see right off the bat that my film making is anything but professional–please overlook my crazy hand motions at the end. Apparently I can’t talk without moving my hands, it’s like watching The Lorax with disembodied hands everywhere!

But if it convinces just one of you to get out there and try this easy stunt, well then my work here is finished.


Congratulations to Julie of London, Kentucky (oh how pretty Kentucky is) for winning this week’s prize of an Evenflo Journey Premier stroller! A terrific prize and one that I’m sure will be well used.

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