Posted by: Michelle Mitton | August 13, 2008

. . . And Motherhood Marches On

Grace 14 years agoFourteen and a half years ago my baby looked like this. This week she registered for high school.

I drove her to the building and it was like traveling through a twenty-year time warp as we walked up the front walkway where students had set up boom boxes, playing in the sun while tossing footballs and barbecuing hot dogs.

We walked inside through the registration stations so she could get her student I.D., class schedule and locker assignment but when we passed the table where you could sign up for the swim team this handsome tall, senior swimmer with wavy blond hair and a perfect smile called out to her: “Hey! Do you want to join the swim team?”

She did this shy little “Who me?” move then when she realized this manly Olympian was talking to her her cheeks flushed, she stammered a bit and began to think that maybe swimming was the sport for her. She probably would have signed on the dotted line if it hadn’t meant hanging out in a bathing suit, swim cap and goggles under the scrutiny of the fluorescent lights (I may not remember much but I do recall that 14 is a self-conscious age).

But I can’t blame her for her sudden interest, if I had an invitation like that even I would be tempted to brush off my doggie paddle and join up. I can’t believe my baby is in high school. I’m not ready for the next four years–I’m sure they’ll go faster than they should.

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