Posted by: Michelle Mitton | August 13, 2008

Go on Safari with Some Shrunken Heads Necklaces

Shrunken Heads NecklacesHope this doesn’t come across as too morbid, you can blame it on Disney and the pirates craze they’ve created, we were going for the fun and comical edge rather than the disgusting. But at any rate, here’s the latest kid summer project for our last full week of summer vacation. The kids start school a week from today.

We used little Styrofoam balls then poked a hole straight through with a bamboo skewer and threaded both ends of a length of yarn through the hole. I knotted the yarn at the bottom so it wouldn’t pull back through and then let the kids decorate their little heads.

Once again you’ll get to pull out the googly eyes and any other decorations you’ve been storing up to make these little guys as scary or as goofy as you’d like.

You could also use the idea at holiday times to make up little pumpkins or, with three balls together, a snowman.

Sponsored by Rick Rack Attack–Vintage aprons that aren’t just vintage reproductions they’re vintage pieces.

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