Posted by: Michelle Mitton | September 2, 2008

You’ll Never Find a More Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

Home RemodelYes, that would be an appropriate title for this post.

You see I’m a natural neat freak. I’ve had people email me and say “Are those pictures you post of your home for real? It’s always clean!” To which I shrug sheepishly and say “Yea, it’s a thing with me–call it a character flaw–I have to have everything in its place or anxiety starts to creep in.” Andrew and I are both weird that way.

Well no more. I’ve officially reached my limit. We’re three weeks into this remodel and all of our worldly goods are piled in our kitchen/living room so you can hardly move through the space. The kids are sleeping on the few empty spaces on the floor while the bedrooms are under construction, we have no family room while they’re working down there and no heat upstairs. I’ve been feeling so messy and disorganized and dirty that I’ve caught myself throwing dirty washrags on the floor and leaving them. I’ve been leaving dishes in the sink. I’ve been ignoring the empty rolls of toilet paper and just leaving new ones out on the counter.

Then, to top it all off, we planned to go to the cabin for the long weekend to get away from it all and as I walked into the garage to get the cooler for the trip I heard this funny sound coming from the hot water heater. Funny as in “Wow, that’s a sound I don’t normally associate with my garage or hot water heater tank!”

I looked over to see water pouring out of the bottom of the hot water heater, streaming in pretty little rivulets of water and gently cascading over the feet of the tank onto the garage floor. It would have sounded a lot like one of those desktop fountains that are supposed to calm and relax you in a zennish sort of way except that wasn’t quite the feeling I was experiencing.

You know how your mind works in those circumstances, I did this “That’s funny, I don’t think I’ve seen that before–should water be coming out from that spot?–wow that’s making a mess” train of genius-like thought before my brain engaged and I realized towels were in order.

So now besides the dust and grime and lack of space we now can add “no hot water” to the list of complaints.

Though on a rather irritatingly positive note I can’t help but think it’s amazingly lucky that it chose that exact moment when I went into the garage to burst, half an hour later and we would have been gone for the weekend with water flowing freely. As it is we’re only looking at a bit of water damage. So I am counting the blessings but I’m without any hot water and I’m starting to smell and getting rather grumpy.

If you’re looking for me today I’ll be out buying a new hot water heater.


OOPS! Forgot to announce the giveaway winner! So sorry–congratulations to Michelle at Michelle’s Family Life for winning this week’s Get Ready for Kindergarten giveaway. I’m really letting things go apparently.

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