Posted by: Michelle Mitton | September 9, 2008

Crime Beat

House RemodelI often have a hard time sleeping. I go through strange cycles where I’m up at 2 or 3 am and can’t relax and the last few nights I’ve been restless. The house is ghostly in the windy fall nights with the protective visqueen flapping and big black holes where the windows should be gaping like eye sockets. We’re rather open to the elements and anyone could walk right in if they had a ladder and some initiative and knowing this makes me anxious.

Last night I tossed and turned as the wind picked up, whipping through the open plywood walls and through gaps in the plastic making an eerie whistling sound and flapping the edges in angry crunches. Several times I woke up swearing that I’d heard something drop on the hard main floor below (where the children were sleeping) but after the second time of getting up to investigate I finally decided I was crazy and paranoid and forced myself to ignore the noise so that the rest of the night I drifted in and out of vivid dreams.

The alarm went off at 5:30. I was up and fixing breakfast, getting people out the door when Andrew came in with a dazed look saying that his car had been broken into during the night. Both of our cars are normally parked in the garage but with the construction we’ve had to park them on the street which I don’t like to do but we live in a safe neighborhood and the chances of something happening are slim.

Well apparently the odds came around to us because someone smashed the window on his Ford Escort ($250 to fix, more than the whole car is worth) and made a mess rummaging around. They took his sunglasses and his remote garage door opener but left my car untouched. All we could figure is that maybe they thought my car had an alarm because I had my GPS system hooked up on the dashboard so maybe it looked too dangerous to risk.

Taking the garage door opener scared me more than breaking the car window but as luck would have it when our contractor had moved and reinstalled the tension rod on our garage door something happened so that it stopped working properly and our door wouldn’t open or close. I hadn’t got around to calling the repair man to see what was up because we were parking on the street anyway and the garage was too dirty to walk through. The thief must have tried opening the garage door only to find it didn’t work.

Andrew filed a police report but it wasn’t until dinner last night when the doorbell rang that we got really nervous.

It was a neighbor up the street. He was coming by to kindly let us know that his car had been broken into the night before, that his sunglasses and garage door opener had been stolen and that the thief had opened his garage door–all of which he’d discovered at 6 am when he woke to find the door wide open. He was going through the neighborhood warning people and in the course of visiting homes had discovered several other people who had had the exact thing happen. Car smashed, garage door remote stolen, garage door open.

I figure it must have been a couple kids (probably boys age 16-18) without much supervision who thought they’d make some trouble and freak people out. Well it worked. We’re officially freaked out. Luckily there’s only one more night before the windows go in and we won’t be quite so vulnerable but even with that we’re not exactly a fortress here, if anyone wanted to get in they certainly could, all it would take is a smashed window.

I hadn’t thought the police would be interested but now knowing that it was a string of vandalism and thefts I’m hoping they are paying attention. According to Andrew by opening the garage door they crossed the line from vandalism to breaking and entering and when one is breaking and entering with the occupants inside the home it’s automatically a felony.

So while I’m having trouble sleeping tonight somewhere in this city there are a couple teenage boys who thought they’d have some fun and instead have got themselves involved in at least five felony counts of breaking and entering. If the police are looking for them I’m guessing they won’t find them at the local MENSA convention.


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