Posted by: Michelle Mitton | September 28, 2008

Tiny Apple Pies

Tiny Apple PiesI adore apple pie, just adore it. Of course I adore all fruit pies but if I had to pick a favorite it would be apple–right after blackberry and peach and fresh strawberry and blueberry and cherry my favorite would definitely be apple. Right there nudging out pear and raspberry and rhubarb.

I was in a baking mood a few weeks back when I caught some apples on sale so I made tiny little individual-sized apple pies. Okay so maybe they weren’t so tiny. In fact if you had weighed and measured you’d have probably found each to be the equivalent of two pieces of pie but is that wrong?

I think not.

Tiny Apple PiesSo make it easy on yourself and buy some refrigerated pie crusts and if you don’t have an apple peeler already go get one now. Now. I’ll wait.

Once you have your apple peeler and dough you can go to town making all sorts of cute little mini pies–don’t worry about a bottom crust, just throw the fruit in the lightly greased ramekin and form the dough over the top.

Here are a couple tips at no extra charge:

1. If you don’t have ramekins use small, wide-mouthed 1-cup Mason jars. They’re about the same size but even homier and cuter.

Tiny Apple Pies2. Cut a circle of dough or use a large cookie cutter to cut out a top for the pie in a fun festive shape–a large star, pumpkin or heart would be cute–then just lay it over the top and don’t worry about pinching and sealing (without a bottom crust who cares anyway?)

My gut tells me that the crust is just a vehicle for the goodies inside anyway. You can get about four crusts out of one round of refrigerated pie dough.

3. Rather than using slices of apple cut the slices into smaller pieces–they’ll lay flatter and nicer in the cup that way and be easier to spoon out.

4. If you’re really in a hurry or want a quick after school snack that’s healthy try spooning chunky applesauce mixed with some cinnamon into a cup then top with a bit of crust–the kids will get less sugar and will love the new way of eating a bit of fruit.

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