Posted by: Michelle Mitton | September 30, 2008

A Little Old Fashioned Gambling–When Is It Going to Snow?

The Average Snow Fall in Anchorage, AlaskaOkay you may have heard me mention once or twice that it’s getting chilly up here so I thought it would be time to heat things up with a little old fashioned WAGER. Because I’m just so full of vice–with my four kids and my big fat minivan and my hot chocolate spiked with cinnamon . . .

Yes, I’m trying to bring you all over to the dark side–of winter that is.

According to the University of Alaska Fairbanks the average day of the first measurable snow fall in Anchorage, Alaska is October 5th. As in next week. Sigh. Time to get those snow tires on.

So what I propose is a little Snow Pool (the only kind of pool you get up here). You get to pick the date when you think the first measurable snow fall will occur and if you get the date right you will . . . hmmmm . . . let me see, what will you get? It ought to be something good if you’re going to all the trouble to join in the game . . .

How about this? I have four cute little Plaja Pets left over from the giveaway two weeks ago that I was hording for just such an occasion. You get the date right you can walk away with a cute little guy of your choice–first guess, first serve.

So here are the rules:

I have a calendar with every day between here and Christmas on it, first person to pick a day gets it with up to four people per day (I only have four pets so four is the limit). I will keep the calendar current on this page, plugging in guesses in the order they come in, updating it regularly, and if you guess too late and the date you want is already full with four people then I’ll automatically bump you down to the next available date, just for convenience sake.

I’ll list the dates and who is taking them on this page with a link to your blog if you have one, updating several times each day. If you don’t have a blog I’ll just list whatever name you leave in the comments. It’ll be up to you to keep checking back to see if you win because if you don’t have a blog or an email address listed with your comment then I won’t be able to contact you to let you know you’ve won. So keep an eye on things.

One guess per person (let’s not be piggy now) and to make an official guess just leave a comment on this post. That way there’s a record of the guesses for the auditors to examine. I want this completely above board.

I will declare a winner the day after the first measurable snowfall–but it must be the first measurable snowfall as seen in my front yard. I’m not going to go by what it might look like at the airport or higher up on Hillside or down in Girdwood–if there’s white in my front yard then that counts. I will defer to my four children to be the official judges of what is “measurable.”

To give you an idea of what kind of weather we’re seeing right now, there is snow on the top parts of the mountains but no sign of it in the city, our house is in a warmer microclimate and it’s been very wet and drippy here lately–the kind of rain that could turn into snow with a 15 degree nudge. It’s 50 degrees right now and no sign of snow.

You may put in your guesses up until Saturday October 11th. If it doesn’t snow by Christmas? Then I’ll do a random drawing and let the chips fall where they may.

Okay that really does sound like gambling.

Good luck! Who’s first?

Oct 2 – ~TAMY 3 Sides of Crazy~
Oct 3 – Rachel, Mumple, Grace
Oct 4 – Alison, Elaine Candeloro, Mean Mommy, MaryAnn Johnson *CLOSED*
Oct 5 – Miriama, Kathryn, Motherboard, Andrea *CLOSED*
Oct 6 – Pumpkin, Tiff, Heather, Tracy B. in Kentucky *CLOSED*
Oct 7 – Tammy, Christine, Arlene, Jen2010 *CLOSED*
Oct 8 – Nate and Stacia, MommyTime, Melissa, luke *CLOSED*
Oct 9 – Jolanthe @ No Ordinary Moments, Blog o’ Beth, Library Girl, kkryno *CLOSED*
Oct 10 – Saratogajean, txmommy, Patricia, Laura *CLOSED*
Oct 11 – Ayda Sue, Missy, Duke, Kathryn & Seamus, hotomom *CLOSED*
Oct 12 – Nikky, mum2twelve, Sheila, kadusey *CLOSED*
Oct 13 – Lis Garrett, Planet Nomad, Lara, Chas *CLOSED*
Oct 14 – Mom24, Angie M, CountessLaurie, Krissy A *CLOSED*
Oct 15 – KristenM, Kasey, Ren, Darkness U.S.A. *CLOSED*
Oct 16 – mGk, Kim, outnumbered2to1, Steph at the Red Clay Diaries *CLOSED*
Oct 17 – Mary Avinger, Stephanie, Mirien, Susan *CLOSED*
Oct 18 – Andrea, Kirby3131, JennaG, Minda *CLOSED*
Oct 19 – Kristy, Blessed, carol at A Second Cup, Rachel C. *CLOSED*
Oct 20 – Erin, Allie in Tok, Anonymous (aka Aunt Ann), Karye Luppen *CLOSED*
Oct 21 – Heather, Krista, Derick and Becky, Summer *CLOSED*
Oct 22 – Ellen, Megan, the Novakavichs, Allie P. *CLOSED*
Oct 23 – Mrs. Who, Organizability, Kitty, Traci P. *CLOSED*
Oct 24 – Cathi, Bobbi in AK, Alicia, ailsa *CLOSED*
Oct 25 – Jill in MA, Jill, Karen B, Pete *CLOSED*
Oct 27 – Caffeinated Cowgirl, Pippa, fruitfulwords, Virtual Homeschooling *CLOSED*
Oct 28 – Kris, Sarah, The Random Muse, Roo *CLOSED*
Oct 30 – Katherine, TJ Hirst, Sarah Hub, Sloopy *CLOSED*
Oct 31 – JoBee, Cherie, Chris, fidofido *CLOSED*
Nov 1 – Patty W, Jennifer, Mean Mommy, Kathy G *CLOSED*
Nov 2 – Annette Lyon, cndymkr / jean,, Killashandra *CLOSED*
Nov 3 – Jackie @ Our Moments, Our Memories, jen in nagasaki, ewe are here, Sandra *CLOSED*
Nov 4 – Rani, Brenda, Kathy, Linda *CLOSED*
Nov 5 – Perilloparodies, Linda, All-American Preppy
Nov 6 – Deb Mom of 3 Girls
Nov 7 – Sam
Nov 8 – Marie N
Nov 9 – Teresa from Seguin, TX
Nov 11 – ellen stevens,
Nov 19 – fortyb4forty


I haven’t yet heard from our Trendy Tadpole and Cuddly Books Giveaway winner yet–check the emails people! You have until tonight to respond then I’ll have to pick another winner.

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