Posted by: Michelle Mitton | October 3, 2008

Before I Forget . . .

I know this may sound really weird but does anyone have acorns? You know . . . acorns?

We don’t have oak trees up here so my supply is what you’d call limited. Weird as it may sound I thought that maybe one of you out there would be willing to send me some–of course I’d compensate you for your troubles but if ever the blogging world had a purpose, this could be it.

Maybe I can make a whole celebration out of it–I’ll call it “National If-You-Give-a-Blogger-an-Acorn Day” or something. This could be big. BIG people.

As for other important events (besides the fact that we do have actual walls now, walls which I will be painting this weekend with much gusto) . . . I’d like to say thank you to Riley Devoe of All Rileyed Up who was so kind as to send me a coveted ROFL Award (at least I coveted it) for my post “Go Ahead, Arrest Me–I DARE You!”.

To see the complete list of recipients go to Oh, The Joys!, it’ll get your day started with a laugh.

And if you’d like to see something amazing check out The Most Amazing Card Trick in the World posted by Susan and Janice at 5 Minutes for Mom. Amazing would definitely be the word.

Sponsored by Rick Rack Attack–Vintage aprons that aren’t just vintage reproductions they’re vintage pieces.

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