Posted by: Michelle Mitton | October 7, 2008

Bottoms Up

MotherhoodThis is short and sweet today because I’m painting walls. Lots and lots of walls. Two coats of primer and then the paint . . . I’m so speckled I look like I got in a fight with a tube of toothpaste. And lost.

Speaking of teeth, with all of us seated around the dinner table a few nights ago we were talking about food (a natural subject for the occasion) and I mentioned that I like to eat pretty much anything.

Lillian heard this and said, “But you don’t like to drink alcohol, Mom. Do you? You don’t like alcohol.”

I smiled at this because not only was I surprised that she understands that we don’t drink but the word “alcohol” coming from a six year old was kind of funny.

“No Lily I don’t drink alcohol.”

The conversation went on as we discussed the subject of onions when again Lillian interrupted.

“You don’t drink coffee either Mom. You don’t like to drink coffee.”

“Too right Lily. I don’t drink coffee either.”

Again the conversation resumed when for a third time her little voice chimed in:

“And you don’t drink Listerine Mom–I know you don’t drink Listerine.”

The onions were pretty much abandoned at that point because really? How can you argue with that? I guess she’s got me–I guess I don’t just like everything because I don’t drink alcohol, coffee or Listerine. So there. Though now that I think about it “Listerine” might make a very fine celebrity baby name . . .

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