Posted by: Michelle Mitton | October 15, 2008

Ghostly Halloween T-Shirts

Ghostly Halloween T-ShirtsSaturday was a day of painting at our place. I finished the final coats of paint on the kids’ new rooms and of course as soon as I brought out the rollers Lillian and Spencer wanted in on the action.

They did fine for a while the only problem was that with all that white I had a hard time seeing what had been painted and what hadn’t—we went round and round painting the same places over and over until I realized the system wasn’t working. Eventually after lunch I came across another painting idea that was a bit more productive—Halloween t-shirts.

I put Spencer in charge and left him to supervise David and Lillian’s creative efforts and he thought they were having so much fun when they were done he decided to make his own.

One dark colored t-shirt
Freezer paper or wax paper
Contact paper
A permanent marker
White fabric paint
A Sponge

Ghostly Halloween T-Shirts1. Using a dark colored t-shirt place a large piece of freezer paper or wax paper inside the shirt as a protective layer to keep the paint from leaking through to the back side of the shirt.

2. On a large piece of plastic Contact paper draw your design with a permanent marker. I kind of thought a ghost would be cute but everyone wanted pumpkins for some reason. You’ll want it big enough to be seen but small enough to have a bit of space around the edges.

3. Peel off the Contact paper backing then stick the design to the front of your t-shirt, carefully smoothing out the edges to make sure everything is sticking properly.

4. Dampen the sponge and wring it out thoroughly then dip it in a small puddle of white fabric paint. Stamp the paint all over the design, around the edges and in the cut out holes.

5. Allow to dry for several hours and you’ve got a spooky shirt and two freshly painted bedrooms.


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