Posted by: Michelle Mitton | October 28, 2008

The Things Orville Redenbacher Fails to Warn Against

PopcornThe kids came home from school looking for their afternoon snack so I pulled out the popcorn popper to make a quick treat.

The kernels started exploding in the microwave popper and soon they started to run over the top of the bucket so I pulled it out to dump it into the bowl. I thought all the kernels had finished popping BUT . . .

When I had poured most of the popcorn into a bowl suddenly the last kernel popped, spraying a bunch of popcorn up into the air. A hot, unpopped kernel rose into the air in a poetic arch, up . . . up . . . up then down . . . down . . . down and right into the open crack at the neck of my blouse.

At which point my unprotected flesh began to sear in a most uncomfortable and undesirable way.

The kids looked at me rather oddly as I danced around the kitchen in a screaming panic trying to dig the red-hot coal from the crater it had formed on my skin. By the time I finally reached it it was practically embedded in an inch of blistering scar tissue and I was suddenly not quite in the mood for popcorn.

The things Orville Redenbacher does not mention on their packaging.


And here are a few links to some great things I’ve been noticing around the internet lately:

* Make an adorable on-the-go dinosaur play mat from Craftster.

* Make a contemporary and sleek outdoor fire pit from Casa Sugar.

* You haven’t seen Halloween decorations until you’ve seen this cardboard castle from the master of paper craft, Ann Wood.

* Check out this recipe for Grandma’s Chocolate Pie from The Homesick Texan. I’m drooling.

* View results of Amy’s Deep Dish Pizza Experiment at The Motherload.

* The only thing cuter than puppies are these Puppy Pops from Bakerella.

* If you’re into pirates you’ll love these pirate posters from 826 Valencia.

* Looking for a good Halloween costume that can make it all through the winter? Knit up one of these Dwarven Battle Helmets from Wicked Woolens.


Oops! Almost forgot to mention that Karen from Bridgewater, New Jersey was our random winner from this week’s Karen Cole Paper Giveaway. I’ve had questions about how I choose a winner and actually I don’t “choose” at all, I go to a site that generates random numbers, fill in the field that asks how many random numbers I want (1) then the parameters for the selection–say, from 1 to 400 or however many entries there were–then once I’ve plugged in the requirements I hit enter and voila! I’ve got my winner.

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