Posted by: Michelle Mitton | October 31, 2008

I’ve Been Ghosted. And It Doesn’t Even Hurt.

As a Halloween treat, I was “ghosted” by Liz at This Full House. And rather than look like the Scrooge of Halloween (the name by which I’m affectionately known around here) I wanted to play along–Liz is right, I do need a break. So I’m ghosting three–no, make that SIX–because I’m all about “the Halloween spirit.” IS there such a thing?? Because if there is, I’m clearly displaying it now . . . SIX other bloggers who can in turn do the same for others they’d like to ghost.

I’m going to ghost six commentators from this past week–people who are so kind to always leave me comments and whom I’ve grown to love through their faithful visits. There are many more than just six out there but I’m just picking six from the past couple days. Each of them can take the award button and pass it on to their picks. Spreading that linking love three–I mean six–bloggers at a time.

Flea’s World–Because she wants to be a buffalo.

No Ordinary Moments–Because I absolutely adore her name.

Adventures in the 32-Aker Wood
–Because Janet’s not like Eeyore at all!

Random Musings–Because she’s stuck with me forever.

Just Jean–Because maybe this will get her to update her blog 🙂

The Diaper Diaries–Because she’s linked to me more times than I can repay.

And there are more . . . in fact, maybe this would be a good thing to do regularly. There are so many wonderful people who stop and leave nice messages for me here, I should start mentioning them by name. How about this? Next Friday I’ll mention six more blogs that have been kind to me and kept me going (especially lately–boy Stephanie’s answers really struck home with me!) just a little way of saying thank you. Who knows? Maybe I should do a regular “Friday Commentator” spotlight. At least as long as anyone cares to comment on anything.


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