Posted by: Michelle Mitton | November 7, 2008

Three Great Products and Five Great Bloggers

Just catching up on a few housecleaning things around here–things that have been languishing in my inbox for ages and now I can finally get around to mentioning them.

First, if you’re planning on sending any flowers this holiday season you should look at Flora2000 which can send flowers anywhere in the world. Impressive. It almost makes me want to take them up on that challenge just to see if I can find somewhere on this great big planet where I couldn’t get three dozen peonies delivered. I love peonies.

Swiffer Dust and ShineAnyway, I’ve used them and it worked well for me. A nice option for those loved ones far away.

Second, things are finally finishing up here at Casa Mitchell with this big ol’ remodel. I’m slowly getting things moved back into closets. Well into NEW closets since there are now closets where we did not have them before but regardless, it means I’m doing a bucketload of dusting and I’ve been using Swiffer’s new Dust and Shine which says you can sparkle things up without those nasty waxes that I avoid.

It’s working like a charm and I like the citrus smell it leaves. You can all come over for lunch when I’m done to see for yourselves.

Kiss My Face Kids' Soaps and ShampoosFinally, Kiss My Face is a line of skin care products that now has a kid line that has been heaven sent. I don’t know if I’m the only mom who struggles with getting kids to wash their hands after using the restroom or enforcing other matters of personal hygiene but when Lillian saw the box coming with all of her very own personal products she was thrilled and has been happily scrubbing away ever since.

Shampoo, bubble bath, conditioner, detangler, soap, foaming soap, toothpaste (with or without flouride), even chapstick–they’ve got it all and it all smells like fresh orange. I can report that my child is clean. And I’m very happy about that.


Now if you haven’t already noticed on my sidebar, coming up soon I’m having a whole week of giveaways beyond my normal Saturday festivities where I’m offering prizes each day (yes I said PRIZES–plural) so don’t miss it.

Feel free to borrow the button on the sidebar to spread the good news, it was made by the wonderful Cally at Calico who is the Queen of Photoshop–didn’t she do a lovely job? Giveaways start after Thanksgiving when you’re ready to think about those holiday shopping lists.


And now, as promised I wanted to mention a few kind commentators from the past week. I kind of like taking a minute to acknowledge those who visit and leave me sweet words (do you know how that keeps me going?)

Jennifer from Family Musings who I just like more and more . . . and more . . .

Killashandra from Modern Mama’s Fabulous Favorites–I’ve got to find out where she gets her screen name!

Illahee from Illahee’s Blog–living and blogging from Japan. I think I’d definitely like to visit and see it for myself.

Thea from I’m a Drama Mama–who is seriously talented. Seriously. And she has great lists.

Edi from Exotic Eating–she always leaves such nice comments and really does have exotic treats.

Marie N. from Homestead Lutheran Academy. Loves to knit, has great common sense and is a terrific, down-to-earth person.

Oops! Six. Oh well.

Sponsored by Dimples and Dandelions–for the Serena and Lily Bedding Collection for Children.

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