Posted by: Michelle Mitton | November 14, 2008

Mystery Plants

Tamarind SeedlingLast spring I made my first foray into the intricacies of Thai cooking in my post “Pad Thai Is a Beautiful Thing” when I made a mean batch of pad thai (in fact I’ve been thinking lately that I could use some more right about now, the cravings have been hitting hard) but I found some tiny seeds in the block of dried tamarind pulp.

I planted some of the seeds and wouldn’t you know? This is what I got. Kind of cute isn’t it? They took FOREVER to germinate and then to grow but apparently tamarind is a fruit-producing tree that grows all over the world in tropical and sub-tropical climates and a huge portion of the world’s population eats tamarind regularly.

I found it interesting that I’d never even heard of the stuff when it’s such a part of the diet and lives of millions–or rather billions–of people around the globe. Go figure. It would be the equivalent of finding someone who’d never seen an evergreen tree and didn’t know what a pinecone is I suppose.

Well pardon my former ignorance, I now know what tamarind is and the little plant is thriving very well. The only question is what to do with it now?

Name These Mystery Seeds
And finally I present a plate with Mystery Seeds on it. I found them in the garden and dried them for next year’s planting–any guesses as to what they might be? No fair guessing chipmunk brains, that one was already taken by David.

If you can guess what they are I’ll be VERY impressed. You’d get some kind of Gardener Extraordinaire award.


And as for awards, here is my little nod to a few who have been so kind as to hang around and comment regularly. On a week like this when I’ve been “in a funk” (that’s how my Mom describes a week like this–you ever have weeks like that where you’re just kind of down and you eat way too much because of it? Well hide the ice cream folks it’s been a bad one).

Anyway, it’s so comforting to have nice people like you.

Creative Thoughts by Chelle. Every time she pulls out a new template (which she designed herself) I am in more awe.

All over the Map. Because deep down I wish I lived in Australia. And check out those cute crafts!

Team Moffitt. Such excellent taste in books and music . . .

Mozi Esme. Because I am such a sucker for blogs from far away, it’s my National Geographic fix. Now if only I could get that accent to appear properly in her title–it bugs me that I can’t get it right.

Octomom–after a surgery in the family she deserves a little praise and shout out.


Entered the Write-Away Contest yet? The deadline is drawing near . . . and that year’s supply of beauty products is calling to you . . .

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