Posted by: Michelle Mitton | November 26, 2008

Tiny Stockings on a String

Advent Calendar Mini StockingsI know we haven’t had Thanksgiving yet–I’m not breaking the picket lines here or anything–I’m just mentioning this cute idea because maybe in the course of the coming weekend you’ll feel like a craft project.

Besides, if you’re making an advent calendar then you kind of have to start thinking about it before December 1st or you get cheated out of some candy.

Because you will fill each of these tiny stockings hanging from a tiny laundry line with tiny clothespins with tiny candies in order to properly count down the days until Christmas.

You can’t count down the days until Christmas unless you have candy. Truffles preferably. Almond Roca in a pinch.

These look harder than they are, just cut a basic stocking shape (front and back to match) out of felt. I’d recommend using pinking shears so you don’t have to worry so much about being exact with your cutting. In fact it’s a good way for little hands to have fun without the worry of exactness.

I cut complimenting toe and heel pieces then hot glued them to the fronts of the stockings then made little tick stitches in the heels and toes added cuteness (“tick stitches” probably isn’t the right phrase for it but then I’m not a pro at embroidery here). I hot glued the front and backs of the stockings together, hot glued the white edge to each stocking with a number attached then got mini clothespins from the craft store so we can hang the line in our kitchen window.

Now there’s no excuse for you not to be celebrating with candy.


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