Posted by: Michelle Mitton | December 1, 2008

The Big Reveal: Our Home Remodel Is Finished! (Mostly)

Our Home RemodelHow many months have I been stringing you along? You’ve listened to me cheer and whine and grumble and sigh but if I can get a drum roll and a crash of the cymbals I’ll introduce you to our new house.

It’s finished! Well, kind of.

At least, the outside is finished–do you know how many times I’ve told Andrew he was a genius for insisting we paint the outside at the beginning of the project rather than waiting until the end? If we’d waited we’d still be stuck with our dirty gray house all winter but instead all we’ll need to do is the tiniest touch-ups in the spring.

As it is I finally got outside to take a picture (you can click on it for a better view) right before the weekend blizzard hit and we got another foot of snow dumped on us–the kids were good sports because I insisted on having the driveway and front steps shoveled before I took the picture so they threw their backs into it and cleared out the snow just so you good people could have a clear shot at what things look like. Just as a point of interest, that dusky picture was taken at about 3:45 pm–welcome to life in Alaska.

Please note that we still haven’t got the rain gutter over the front door replaced yet, that’s still a grumbling point, the front doorknob isn’t the right one and is still on order and next week the glass on the front door will have a film put on it so that it matches the lower halves of the large windows upstairs to look sand-blasted.

Our Home RemodelI love the way the pine on the walls and ceiling of the addition glow from the floor lights–when I come home at dusk and see it lit up like that it’s so beautiful and inviting it’s just what a home should be.

If you missed it before here is the “before” picture from last summer just after we started painting and the earlier parts of the saga can be found here:

* Black + White in Alaska
* Paint It Black
* Architecture in Alaska Part II
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* You’ll Never Find a More Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy
* Things I’ve Completely Let Go

Home RemodelNow that it’s pretty much over I can breathe again. My furniture is back in place, the kids are sleeping on beds rather than the floor and I can finally feel as if my life is back on track–I may actually be able to get back into the blogging groove again instead of feeling as if my mind is as cluttered as my surroundings. Does anyone else have that problem? When my environment is cluttered and disorganized I have a hard time concentrating on tasks that require any sort of brain power because all I want to do is straighten and dust.

Our House RemodelBut as promised here are some pictures of the inside. I’ll be doing a video tour on Thursday. Why Thursday? Well because there are still some things that aren’t finished on the inside (such as the cabinets you see there in the picture) that I’m really really hoping will be done by Thursday. Really hoping.

If you’d like to see a video tour I made for my parents while we were still under construction you can see it here on Vimeo.

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