Posted by: Michelle Mitton | December 5, 2008

Think You Had a Bad Day?

Andrew was in Barrow, Alaska last week on business and came across these photos. I hate to say it but it doesn’t exactly inspire me to join him on one of his trips any time soon.

Ugh. Those creatures will eat anything–including photographers apparently.


And last week I left out mentioning any of the week’s kind commentors because I had such a long list of links for the Write-Away Contest I thought they’d just get lost but I’m back this week with thanks to the following people who seem to always be there with a nice thing to say.

Hope you all had a wonderful week and thanks for your visits this week!

* Robin at Around the Island. Life in Tel Aviv never seemed so close as when I’m reading her blog.
* Patois at Whee! All the Way Home. Just check out her trip to the Grand Canyon . . .
* Angie at Seven Clown Circus. I was just telling someone how I’d love to meet her in real life because she seems so nice.
* Wherever Ewe Go There Ewe Are. An American in the UK–wish I could go for a visit!
* Tammy’s Times. I just think she’s the greatest–plus she loves knitting!

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