Posted by: Michelle Mitton | December 5, 2008

WhoMi and Bath and Body Works Double Giveaway

A Week of GiveawaysWelcome to day five of a week of giveaways where I have more than a dozen sponsors with beautiful gifts for you.

Entering is easy, leave a comment on a giveaway post for a chance to win that day’s prize. I will leave all the giveaways open for the week through Sunday December 7th then I’ll draw all the giveaway winners Monday December 8th and will announce all the winners on Tuesday December 9th.

One entry per person please. I’m sorry but due to shipping costs giveaways are open to those with a U.S. address.

Don’t forget there are more than sixty other giveaways and blog events listed on the Message Board–everything from KEEN shoes to wiis to toys and jewelry.


Today’s prizes are perfect for the person on the go–some time management helpers along with a way to unwind at the end of that busy day.

Everyday Pad from whoMiFirst, there’s whoMi (get it? Who Am I?) which produces calendars and agendas for your scheduling pleasure. While I love their colors and patterns and their portable cases the items that I particularly like aren’t the nifty agendas that use a color coded system for individual family members but the spiral bound to do lists that help you make out your lists by subject or task.

You see I’m a list maker, each morning I have to get mentally geared up for the day by making out my list of things to do and while I usually have my list on my PDA I can’t help but come back to a written list. I love the feeling of a pen in my hands and see my handwriting neatly outlining the things I have to do and then–then–the real thrill is getting to cross something off.

So . . . before you refer me to a therapist I’ll just refer you to these super sweet helps. Check out the various pads and today’s winner will be able to try out an Everyday Pad and a Shop Call Do Pad all by themself.

Lambie Collection from Bath and Body WorksSecond, after you’ve been scheduling, listing and cross things off you can relax after a busy day thanks to Bath and Body Works–and you probably already know how wonderful their products smell right?

If you enjoy aromatherapy after a busy day then you’ll love the Ginger Mentha collection which is fresh for the holidays and the Black Camomile collection which sounds too seductive and luxurious to be fit for print. Then, along with a product from each of these lines today’s winner will also receive a product from their new Lambie collection which features these cute little cuddly lamb guys as slippers, blankets, sachets and bath poofs–all sorts of cuteness for keeping you warm and snuggled this holiday season.

Love those slippers–I think Lillian would love a pair of those Lambie kid slippers for her own little feet.

So good luck to you all, leave a comment to enter and I’ll announce our two winners next week on Tuesday–one for the whoMi prize package and one for the Bath and Body Works package, if you have a preference let me know in your comments and I’ll see what I can do.

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