Posted by: Michelle Mitton | December 9, 2008

The Week of Giveaways Winners

Thank you to everyone who mentioned or publicized last week’s giveaways, thank to you those who visited and entered. There are a couple of winners that didn’t have email addresses with their entries and they need to email me to claim their prizes–you’ll see them mentioned below.

Here are the official winners:

Day 1
The winner of the Tupperware gift basket is:
Karissa from Indianapolis, Indiana

Day 2
The winner of the Medela bamboo nursing camisole is:

and the winner of the five Care Bears t-shirts are:
Fawn from Fawnahareo
Nicole from Little House in the Big City
Flea from Flea’s World
Carrie from Candid Carrie
mverno–please email me to claim your prize!

Day 3
The winner of the Shape-its food kit is:
Francesca at 3 Bay B Chicks

the winner of Shopping with Dad from Barefoot Books is:
Kelly at Love Well

and the winner of the two Kitt Kittredge American Girl Blu-ray discs are:
Danielle from Kitchen Helpers
Jessica–please email me to claim your prize!

Day 4
The winner of the Trendy Bebe personalized plaid blanket is:
KT from Snoop on Me–please email me to claim your prize!

and the winner of the pair of baby shoes from Bugaloo is:
Kristine from Just us Moms in the Kitchen

Day 5
The winner of the whoMi Everyday Pad and Shop Call Do Pad is:
Grace from Sandier Pastures

and the winner of the Bath and Body Works gift package is:
teddi–check your inbox, I’ve emailed you already!

Day 6
The winner of the pair of KEEN shoes is:
Alexis from Running Away? I’ll Help You Pack . . .

Day 7
The winner of the Glitzy Glass star is:
Tammy from Tammy’s Times

and the winner of the set of three Chronicle books is:
Marcella--please email me to claim your prize!

Congratulations to everyone to won and to those who didn’t win I feel your pain. I’ve been putting in my name for one of those wiis that are popping up everywhere and so far no luck. Sniff. We can mourn together.

Better luck on Saturday when I have another giveaway and another shot at glory.

Sponsored by Rick Rack Attack–Vintage aprons that aren’t just vintage reproductions they’re vintage pieces.

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