Posted by: Michelle Mitton | January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

As promised, my laziness continues this week with a list of my favorite past posts. I’ll rank them as best I can but you can bet at this very moment I’m sweating feverishly over my keyboard attempting to come up with even better stuff for 2009.

You believe me don’t you?

1. Favorite recipe? Parmesan Halibut with Capers and Lemon. This is the recipe that convinced me that fish wasn’t vile after all and I now fix it all the time. It’s one of David’s favorite foods ever and luckily we usually have halibut in the freezer to feed his need for the stuff.

2. Favorite movie post? Funniest Movies. Probably because I love a good comedy and this one just has me giggling thinking about the ones on this list.

3. Favorite picture posted? Even Superheroes Have Chores. Nothing can top this picture of David. Oh how he’ll hate it when he’s 16.

4. Favorite travel post? Cruising the Caribbean AARP Style. Probably because I loved that trip but also because we were the youngest people on the whole ship. You can’t put a price on that.

5. Favorite review? Happy Feet Ain’t So Happy. This movie was so bad the review was a pure joy to write–and the chastising I received in the comments kind of made it even more fun. I guess I’m just that kind of a rebel.

6. Favorite serious post? The Hazards of Motherhood. Not sure why I like this one but it’s probably tied up with the near-death experience that provoked it.

7. Most comments ever? 13 Lucky Predictions for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Not counting contests or other anomalies this post got more comments than almost any other post and it just cracks me up. I wrote it to participate in a Problogger group writing project and that thing got me more traffic leading up to the release of the book than any other Google search. Thank you Harry.

8. Favorite guest post? Why Spiderman Totally Conquers Superman. Written by my kids this guest post puts the others to shame.

9. Favorite time waster? Christmas Tidbits. I posted a geography game a year ago that was the most addicting thing I’ve seen in ages–I still like it.

10. Favorite kid tip? Teaching Kids Geography. This teaching tool is still a great one and we use it regularly–I suppose it goes along with the quiz in #9.

11. Favorite Alaskan post? Some Party. Ah the memories. It tells the story of a Christmas party from years past that got enough attention that a local radio station wanted to interview me about it on the radio but I wanted no part of that. It was an evening that was best forgotten.

12. Weirdest list? Evil Despots with Great Names. Not sure what prompted me to write this one but there it is, permanently enshrined on the internet.

13. Funniest list? Nouns That Should Be Celebrity Baby Names. I should make a sequel because gosh, they’ve only gotten worse since then.

14. Best craft? Placemat Purses. I love this one, it’s what got me started into crafts I suppose and what eventually prompted opening an Etsy shop.

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