Posted by: Michelle Mitton | January 3, 2009

NutriSystem Giveaway

Nutri SystemOh this week’s NutriSystem giveaway is the biggest yet and it’s so perfectly timed I can’t believe it won’t have you dancing in the aisles.

Here it is the new year and you know what that means right? No more chocolate, no more toffee, no more butter-cheese-grease laden tasties and eating so much you have to sleep on your side to get through the night. It’s officially time for New Year’s Resolutions–are you joining the millions of Americans who are vowing to eat better and live healthier during the coming year?

If you too are cutting back and trimming a few of the pounds you’ve collected over the holidays then you’re going to love what NutriSystem is offering.

In 2008, NutriSystem helped Americans lose 9 million pounds for only $3 a meal–that’s $55 less a month than what the average American spends on food which works out to be a savings of $660 for the year. According to the company it’s the most cost-effective weight loss program around. Cheaper and better for you than the fast food, huh?

The NutriSystem prepared meals are portion-controlled, high fiber, low sodium and have zero trans-fats. Unlike other fad diets you can still eat carbs and keep up your energy while being kind to your heart. With 170 recipes to choose from it makes it easier to lose weight when you can still enjoy foods you love.

If you’ve wanted to try out the NutriSystem plan here’s your chance because NutriSystem has generously provided three winners the chance to try their program for 8 weeks. If you win you’ll be able to pick the meals you like and eat smart all for free!

So get exercising and start sweating off those pounds but don’t forget to get your name in the pot for this one because it’s a great treat. Just follow the directions below–thanks NutriSystem!

Here’s how to win:

Before 12 am Monday go to the giveaway entry form on this page and enter your name and email. I will pick one of the names at random, contact the winner via their email and publish the winner’s first name and home town in next Tuesday’s post. See the bottom of the entry form for more details.

This giveaway is open to all readers so good luck!

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