Posted by: Michelle Mitton | January 7, 2009

Time Capsules

Time CapsuleWith the 2009 coming on strong I’ve been busily updating family albums and organizing video files. Several years ago we made a family time capsule and while they’re not an unusual thing to make we did things a little differently.

For our time capsule we collected pictures and tokens from each of us but we also did an audio record of our family.

We took a cassette recorder (obviously this dates us) and brought it around to various activities to capture on tape. These weren’t fancy events, we taped everyday things that we normally don’t bother recording on film or paper and it was fun.

Just recording children’s cute little voices makes such a sweet souvenir–not only for a time capsule but for relatives far away. If this idea appeals to you here are some things you might record:

  • children telling their favorite joke
  • a favorite poem or short story
  • a song
  • dinner conversation
  • the conversation driving to school in the morning
  • a letter to a loved one
  • the headlines on the day’s news
  • a list of “favorites”

Get them on tape (or rather on CD) and tuck it away. The only question is: what kind of recording devices will be in use 30 years down the road?


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